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I need to configure the firmware for my engine.

Basic info

Original Manual Timing Diagram

Unfortunately, this is as much info as the manual can provide. It's great at showing the relationship between the sensors, coils, and injectors...but no numbers to speak of.


Here is a picture of my coil install:


Crank trigger

Cam trigger

How do I figure out the timing? - with the least amount of fuss

We usually remove a sparkplug, and move the car in gear 5 until the given engine is at TDC. Than look at the trigger wheels.

There are often marks on the crankwheel (that can be at TDC or other position in custom-hacked setups)

This is something I've been fearing. I've had the engine apart but I can't determine anything that way because the sensors themselves are mounted inside the covers (valve cover & stator cover). At best I'd only be able to guess how many degree's forward or back they are of the tooth/teeth.

How to I set up the firmware appropriately?

The bad news is that current firmware does not support this crankwheel directly, unless engine is a 16cyl.


A good idea...maybe.

I think I've come up with the least expensive solution yet...I'll have to do some inquiring and see what kind of quote I can get. The original stator looks like this:


Because the 'teeth' are so large, I think I could have each one cut into 2 or 3 at a machine shop. Then have 1 of these teeth ground out and the whole assembly balanced. This would create a 16-1 or 24-1 toothed gear. As long as it's not prohibitively expensive, I think it should be the best option. I'll have to pull the stator out and bring it to some machinist friends and see what they can do...and compare the cost to a new 2003 wheel.

Mustangstef : I currently use this setup, but with DTA engine management. I use 24-2 teeth, cost me about 50 euro at the machine shop. Planning to replace DTA with VEMS

Anyway, when machining, it's a good idea to record the VR signal with notebook soundcard before finalizing the milling (so height-depth can be finetuned). These wheels are usually not very sensitive to balancing.

Thoughts about having the rotor machined

Hall Sensor Solution