It's been a long time since I updated this page and a long time since I worked on the bike. There have been many interuptions and distractions and now I find myself in the middle of a mild winter longing to ride my bike. I only have 3 months give or take to get it done. I've moved away from my ghetto ways slightly and in the interest of riding when the ice melts, I've ordered all of the parts I still need via the aftermarket instead of eBay or salvage. My budget is still slight so there still a lot of work to do. I'm going to try and contribute something to my Wiki here at least once every day or two so stay tuned.

After sitting and staring at a box of the VEMS stuff I ordered for months now I'm finally ready to start things.

The project is completely ghetto and unique partly due to my budget and partly due to my dislike for anything mainstream. Budget is what led me to buy the VEMS in the first place...well that and the fact that I love AVR microcontrollers.

I must have been hit in the head or something because I decided to put a turbo on my motorcycle and crank it up to 300HP. I researched it for a long time and I didn't agree with the normal, 'kit' install method, which relies on complicated modifications to make the original ECU work (electronics boxes, extra injectors, etc). Instead I decided to buck tradition and do everything in a way unlike ever done before.

I'm starting with a 2001 Suzuki Hayabusa with low milage. Most of the parts I have for this project have been accumulated via various sales, eBay, salvage, etc.


There's still some fabrication to go at this point but soon I'll start installing the ECU.

Subsystems - please help with setup and configuration:

Engine has been modified as follows:

Fuel system - almost completely custom:

The turbo is a T3 Garrett I picked up second hand for $200. It's a little rough around the edges but shaft movement is perfect.

I've built the exhaust manifold myself out of scrap, tube from the original headers, and some mandrel bends from the local autoparts shop.

Thanks to eBay, I've found a slightly dinged up intercooler from a wrecked Audi TT. It doesn't fit great but on the road to 300HP, I'll need an intercooler so I'll make it work.

Some things I'd like to implement if possible:

ECU Mounting