The picture is 4+extrapulse (never call it 4+1 please ! that is reserved for evenly spaced primarytrigger with 1 pulse sectrig ).

When used for primary trigger, it is called extrapulse trigger (supported since firmware 1.1.96)

When used for secondary trigger: also supported (eg. BMW S50 / S54 double-vanos engines variable position exhaust cam): sectrig dialog can be configured to ignore sectrig above a certain primtrig tooth ("secignore" variable).

IMPORTANT: To avoid confusion (especially when extrapulse trigger is used for sectrig), make sure to report details of BOTH primtrig and sectrig.

[2012-06-26 triggerlog] posted on Chat


See 1.1.96 ("extrapulse") on GenBoard/UnderDevelopment/FirmwareChanges