Stock opel X20xev

primary trigger 60-2 HALL effect

Scope measure from stock ecu:



Soundcard trigger played m582 with trigger errors. (but soundcard is rather like a VR signal, and it might not be proper for HALL input... For HALL input: negative voltage is not recommended at all)


between ec36 pin 26 and pin 27 162 mV measured: it should be >4V in the other phase. (in gear 5 move the car slowly and watch with DVM).

sj2 closed sj6 open R30=3300 ohm parallel with 27000

according to GenBoard/Manual/InputTriggerHardWare that's OK.

The stock hall sensor is 14.4 volt supply

Do I need any changes???

With the v3 connected to the sensor there is no signal.

Measured with scope and vemstune. The triggerlog is empty because its no signal from the hall sensor. The config is validated, its the default 4 cyl 60-2 no cam sync Trigger edge is Falling.

The parallel resistors defining the disconected voltage on pin 27? (sould I put 1k instead of 3.3k?)

If there is no pullup in pin27 then the sensor is not making signals?

If only the scope is connected to the sensor and the supply there is now signal. (Plug the stock ecu then trigger is there )

When the stock ecu is connected ignition on mesured 182 mv on sensor conector.

Car is running, repleaced hall effect sensor with vr. Trigger hardware reconfigurated.

Q: How to set ve table over 255 kpa?? or fuel cut over 255??

A: First save you current config; then In VT->Base setup->Ecu Calibrations->Table kpa Unit = 2 (>250 kpa). Restart VT, reupload your config. And everything should be sorted.

Best regards, Dave

I did as you said nothing happened. My default table unit was already 2. Tried 1, 2, 4, no change. Restarted the vems every time.


We even updated the screenshot at the bottom of the [VemsTune HELP] using your [vemscfg], just the bins were changed to max 510kPa. You can easily verify that the VE values are of yours:


The same time if I enable ALS for a switch what is working for Launch nothing happend (disabled launch that time).

Not sure what was the problem but updateing to 1.2.30 solved the problem thanks for the help.

VR-type Speed sensor input hardware (HALL sensor should not need signal conditioning).

I want to use the ABS wheel sensor for wheel speed input.

  • So NPN converter: The inverter can be an NPN transistor such as TIP31 or BC817 (almost any NPN transistor that can handle 10mA and 20V) emitter (gnd) connected to ground (EC36pin26) collector (output) connected to ECU cam-HALL input which is EC36/13 if the inverter is outside the box or the PCB side of the cut EC36/13 pin if the inverter is inside the box or an onboard pad on v3.6 2k7 .. max 10k pullup resistor between +5V (EC36pin28 or pin29) and NPN base HALL sensor output connected to NPN base. which is NOT EC36/13 if the inverter is outside the box! just the base pin of the chosen transistor the connector side of the cut EC36/13 pin if the inverter is inside the box EC36/13 pin on v3.6

Q: I put the 4k7 resistor and the zener make the NPN converter and I'm ready to connect the wheelsensor?

The [VR to HALL adapter] is preferred.

Q: If my idle valve is opening suddenly like when I relase the clutch without any throttle my map goes up suddenly and it is lean because my idle valve lets in the air just like if I step on the throttle but there is no enrichment for idle movement how can I compensate that? Or can I make an Idle movement enrichment table?

Q: If I drive I have constant speed and load and I decrease the TPS just a little the engine goes rich because the map decrease. In the other way when map increase without TPS I go lean. Can I make a compensation if map goes up without tps to add req fuel and if map goes down deract req fuel?