Engine: BMW S54B32 Dual Vanos

Vems number: 11208

Q: there is no internal protection diode for third trigger in v3 do I need to add externally?

A; Yes third trigger protection (diode) inside.


Is this correct?

A: Yes correct


Is this correct?

A: I would disable VANOS outputs initially and first focus on getting the engine running, ign base timing setup with timing light and so on. After setting up the cam measure tooth for both axis re-enable the cam outputs one axis at a time, check if it regulates correctly. If not swap the wires going to the cam actuators at the ec36 side. Than proceed to next cam.


This is my config:

Do I have the correct settings before attempt first crank to verify trigger?

A: Trigger settings, there is an configlet available with all s54 correct trigger settings inside, apply configlet BMW_S54_Double_Vanos_Camsync from primary trigger settings dialog. Apart from those config looks reasonable. Make sure to make a triggerlog without ign/inj fuse to verify correct trigger operation first.

Thanks for reply!

Q: I don't see any diode for third trigger so I need to install it. Can you tell me do I need any special diode for this or I can use the one in the resque pack, and I need to know the direction for it. I think the negativ side is to the AVR.