Certified CNG engine

4 cyl 2L PSA engine (Peugeot, Citroen, Suzuki, Fiat)

ECU specs (draft)


There are some certification considerations:

R110 (114 pages, my doc is in Hungarian; seems like it is derived from some UN directive) for CNG engine road vehicles... * available in English ?

Is EMI test needed?

Most likely series resistors will be used, not PWM-ing (with PWM-ing, special harness would be needed to pass certification EMI test, if EMI test needed at all).

The Certification harness might slightly differ from the production harness. Eg.

Why certify ? Third-party certification is good for certification :-)


Low Impedance Injectors

[Hercules GISM-I1000]

3.5 Ohm .. 3.8 Ohm measured, some sites say 1.7 Ohm

Pressure sensors

MAP sensor on "air-side"

Harness for certification


Exhaust measurement

These are easy:

Installer should make a proposal (netlist of connections) and submit for review