TVR Cerbera fitted with AMG M113.980 v8 engine 5500cc.

ECU: VEMS 3.6. Firmware 1.1.96

Are you still using 1.1.96 ?



Bosch Hall HA-P2 part number 0232103111, no shield on wire.

Sectrig working well after following above page.


-8 x coils direct drive from ECU

Bosch twin single fire coil 2x1 part number 0221503035

2k ohm in plug leads.

all on seperate channels from ecu


HELP! 2 injector channels are shorted to GND

Tested board, both injector transistors go back to the same FETdriver chip. How can I repair this?


-Fuel pump relay

-cooling fan relay

-IAC Bosch double solenoid. running on stepper outputs.


Crank trigger 60-2.

Missing tooth at 65 deg btdc.

Firing order 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8

Binary code for knock based on firing order: 10110100 (that is 0xb4 , or decimal: 180 ), but if your ignout array does not start with the ignout for cyl1, that needs to be bitwise rotated before using as knock_chan value.

the only things I have noticed is that on average every 1000km it will stumble for a second losing power, similar to plugging in the laptop on the move. not sure why this happens?
  • overrun fuel cut software can cause odd issues so have disabled. Not to worried about that though.
  • Cranking seems to take a while before it actually starts. looking at trigger log file (also on the link) you can see both triggers but fuel/ignition takes a while to cut in?

TODO: Knock settings. Runing 2 bosch twin wire sensors. no shield on cable to GND. one wire from each goes to EC18/1 and EC18/2 and both are grounded to EC18/17. is this ok?

main problem is software settings, what do i put for (knock chan)? no help menu on vems tune for this. all other input values make sence. many thanks.

Contact: chris atbutnossppam