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I bought a capacitive discharge ignition (CDI) amp to strengthen my spark delivery, but help is needed to connect it to and make it work with genboard

Chris, several signs indicate that Mallory forgot to put a capacitor on the input. The fact that the manual say that you MUST keep the capacitor in a points setup is proof enough. Getting a points capacitor and fitting it between the trigg wire and gnd will most likely solve the problem. -Jörgen

I got the cap and wired positive to the ignition amp trigger and grounded the case of the cap. Nothing changed. I still do not get anything. I am trying to get in touch with Mallory Engineering to see if they can help.

Information for Mallory HyFire? IVA CDI Box

All of the below information is available at the link below. It has wiring for multiple different types of setup. I simply want to trigger the Mallory Box Directly from Genboard IGBT. I am having trouble with lost spark triggering it from the Edelbrock igntion module so I want to eliminate extra wiring and parts.

Connection proposal - to be reviewed

Figure17 on page10 is closest to what I think we need.

I connected as suggest above without the cap, and no spark was emitted. I have to go the the parts store to get a points style ignition capacitory.

Continue (well, start) to document the rest of the system and move on to testing.



Cranking the engine is not necessary,

If directly connecting IGBT output to green wire does not work

I think directly connecting should work, either the module is trash or something is misconnected or misconfigured that will show up soon as documentation is made.

You can also try:

  • a capacitor between green wire and ground. Very unlikely that this would fix the problem (this was tried since, and did NOT help), but costs little to try. beware that, eg. a 10uF cap will delay appr. 500..1000 Ohm * 10uF = 5..10msec (unacceptable). So cap must be 10..100nF range:
  • I would definately use a capacitor meant for this, which means a capacitor for a car with points ignition. -Jörgen
  • if that fails, another thing to try: a 1k pullup of the IGBT output to 5V; and a min. 10uF capacitor between IGBT output and "green wire" (this is the "series" cap). This is also unlikely to fix the problem.