Current trigger is a Ford VR sensor with a 36-1 wheel, running with Ford EDIS-4 ignition module and [Megajolt] programmable ignition controller.

Plan to have VEMS controlling wasted spark coilpack with no EDIS ignition module.

EDIS requires the missing tooth to be 90deg advanced of No. 1 TDC, so that is how it is set up now. Pic below describes it better than I can with words (linked from Megajolt website).


I did a bit of a [write-up] of the installation of the trigger wheel and sensor if anyone's doing the same thing and needs some pointers. Here are a few pics of the finished install:




Q: Is the 36-1 wheel suitable for ignition control?

Q: Do I need to move the sensor to a more suitable place (e.g at the missing tooth), or can VEMS cope with it where it is?

Q: Am I OK with the VR sensor, or would I be better off with a Hall effect sensor?

Q: For multi injector timing (see project aims on MembersPage/CharlieKemp), I will need a cam phase sensor. Does anyone have any experience fitting one to the BMC A-series? Where did you put it? Where did the MPi cars locate it?