Bill of Materials

First draft of the Bill of Materials for the Webshop order. Any corrections or suggestions would be appreciated.

It is divided up into stages of the project as defined on MembersPage/CharlieKemp. Although it isn't as clear as it could be, it helps me to see how the project will progress.

Stage one:
Ignition control only with direct control of wasted spark coils, running from 36-1 wheel and VR primary trigger. Still running carb at this stage. Manifold pressure only for calculating engine load.

Parts required:
1x Genboard
1x Econoseal 18-PCB
1x Econoseal 36-PCB
1x Econoseal 18-Wire side
1x Econoseal 36-Wire side
1x Alubos front plate - 3 small holes option
1x Alubos back plate - no extra holes
1x Alubos gaskets
1x Alubos case
1x LCD
1x 250kPa MAP sensor
1x VIV6464 Pneumatic connector
1x MV64 Pneumatic connector
1x Pneumatic tube
2x IGBT TO220 ignition drivers

A little confused about the clamping plates. I think they hold the ignition and injector drivers in place. Is this right? If so, how many do I need?

Stage two:
Implement WBO2 and EGT sensing (and knock?). Due to peculiarities of 5 port head and siamesed ports, 2 channels would be desirable. Knock sensing is described as "For experts only" as "improper use only gives a false sense of security". However, I would be happier damaging this engine through knocking, rather than the next (more expensive) one, so can see the benefit of making it work at this stage.

Parts required:
2x Wideband O2 sensor
2x Wideband connector
2x Injector or WBO2 heater driver
2x EGT sensor - 6mm, no connector
2x EGT input amplifier
2x Panel mount K-thermocouple connectors
1X Bosch Knock sensor
1x Dual channel knock sensor interface

Is it worth having 2 channel knock sensing?

Stage three:
Single point injection.

Parts required:
1x MAT sensor
1x Injector or WBO2 heater driver
1x Output for driving fuel pump

Presumably the output for driving the fuel pump is another injector driver???

Stage 4:
Multipoint injection either with 5 port head or BMW K-head. Will need cam phase sensor.

Parts required:
4x Injector drivers (i.e. 3 more)
1x Additional VR or coil interface

Not sure if secondary trigger will be VR or Hall so not sure about this yet. What do the MPi Minis use? Where is it mounted?