1989 BMW E30 325i

I bought this car in the spring of 2007, and began my first attempt at getting a GT35R setup going. Ended up quitting both my jobs and moving back to Boston, MA where i'm slowly getting back on track with the car.


Photo of the beast 1/2 finished: Summer 2007

Some of my goals with this build:

MembersPage/BostonAndy/TheCar - "Cooler" photos of the car

MembersPage/BostonAndy/Turbo - GT35R & Supporting hardware

MembersPage/BostonAndy/MachinedHead - 2.5l Head Progress Pictures

MembersPage/BostonAndy/RandonPhotos - Random ones

MembersPage/BostonAndy/FusePanel - OEM Fuse panel rebuild

MembersPage/BostonAndy/VEMS - Everything VEMS related

for any questions please write below! Thanks!