Would it be possible to map boost against time? I'm working on a street legal FWD drag race car. And it would be nice to launch with a low boost setting. And get higher boost after a couple of seconds.

I think it should work like this.

Is it possible to program this? Or do you guys have other ideas on how to control wheel spin on fwd cars?

Lets say I want vems to hold my revs to 3500rpm with tps at 100% at the starting line. Why does he apply TPS=100% if he could simply do what he want with lower TPS (say, appr. 83..87%)? So boost builds up before I actually launch. But i want only 0,5 bar boost. And after a set period of time I want the boost to rise to 1 bar.

This way I don't have to wait for the boost to kick in when doing my run. But I don't want full boost when starting to limit wheel spin.

There are a couple commercial products out there that offer time based boost control. But integrated in vems is much nicer ofcourse :)

Is it possible to program this?

yes, possible

This is what i mean. Real drag race boost control. I thinks i'm gonna buy this unit. But would be cool if vems can do the same in the future