Trigger 60-2, VR

VR polarity


Camsync related (not important)


cyl1TDC is 35 crankdegrees after tooth0 (tooth after the missing tooth). 35 degrees is too small (would limit max ignition advance!), so we delay with 1 event:

  • another trigger tooth: 30 (60/2 termeszetesen)
  • Trigger Tooth: 26 (in hexa: trigger_tooth=1a)
  • trigger to TDC : 59 degrees

See MembersPage/BmwVenesz/Ignition

ignition sequence must be configure for outputs 1,4 2,3 1,4, 2,3

since it travells backwards, and we want to fire 2,3 because of the shift (mivel 1-el eltoltuk, a 2,3-at akarjuk eloszor tuzelni: de a tablazatot visszafele kell olvasni!)