Injection sequence: (sorrend)

DAMAGED outputs on v3.3 serialnr 523 ( elrontott kimenetek; minden bizonnyal rossz flyback bekötés vagy rossz GND-GND5 miatt? )

Injector outputs (bekötött kimenetek) - see GenBoard/Manual/DigitalOut/Table

in MegaTune "h[0] injection sequence" (note the reverse order - forditott sorrend):

Fuelpump (AC)

Output selection:

(index 04 is mask 0x10)

So according to GenBoard/Manual/DigitalOut/Table mask hexa 10 means


serialnr 614 maybe RS232 was broken (by same setup that damaged 523 ? ). It normally works fine, with some glitches (RPM falls to 0 in MegaTune).

Both 614 and 523 were upgraded to firmware 1.0.53

4 IGBT, offboard MAP, primary trigger VR, sectrig HALL