4cyl BMW with 60-2 trigger and wasted spark

An engine with similar triggersetup is MembersPage/VeneszLada

similar setups from MembersPage (there are plenty):

Sun Mar 19 12:14:17 CET 2006

alternate=16 is VERY wrong (means 7 cyl and fire all injectors during cranking). 03 is 4 cyl (injector firing alternate injgroup/banks 3..0) and sequential (alternate, that is NOT bat ch) during cranking too.

cranking_thres=02 (means 299 RPM) is a bit too low (try 03 = 300 in MegaTune means 399 RPM)

Req_fuel = 7.4 msec (100kPa, VE=100, enrichment=1.0) is probably too high for 800cc/min injectors (for 450cc cylinders). 4 msec is more reasonable, use higher VE (max 255).

kpa_conf=41 # should be 22 for high-boost setting ! (This BMW intended to run with 2 bar boost). After fixing this, MegaTune stopped complaining.

MAP sensor = 300 kPa (absolute pressure) sensor

We upgraded to 1.0.53, see MegaTune to download tuningsoftware.