"BMW M60B40" EC36/18 - mot88 pinout V8 with 8 passive igncoils

VR,VR (m60b40 is VR/VR so no 3d trigger ! No VANOS at all.

Engine specs:

Ignition outputs - ign dualout capable. Bolded those different from M50-Vanos pinout

If v3 fw allows 7,0 to be igndualout neighbors (without inverting), than cyl6=ignch7 could be an option (only 2 tracecuts total, not 3; no big deal though).

Starting manufacturing from a spreadsheet similar to [S50B32] that clearly specifies EC36+18 - Mot88 mapping (with some ign remapping, respecting ign dualout compatibility)


Assembled ECU specs similar to (might be wrong, PLEASE EDIT):


- primary_trigger: EC36/27 VR

- secondary_trigger: VR (not HALL as in earlier order)

mot88/pin17 should be sectrig VR input (mot88/pin44 should be CAM GND)

- Flyback: High Z-only 30V flyback

- 1-wire interface: no

- ETC BridgeOutput?_Interface: 0

- Hi-side PFET outputs: 4 Actually 4 NFETs, not PFETs

- ignition driver: 8

- LCD connection: yes

- Knock input channels: 2 (not 0)

- MAP connection: 400 kPa simplenipple (actually external MAP sensor included, SSC5...)

- EGT input: 0 .. 2

DUAL WBO2 (previously requested for same engine)

Other outputs (generic note, not M60B40 specific)

More NFETs or PFETs on flying (for ex. boostcontrol?) possible ?

NFET output