Options and Functions i would like to have:

-Full working Air condition (dont know if it is possible because i.E. when i unplug the Idle Valve connector the Climate Compressor is not running so i thing the Motronic interrupts in there)

-Pass the ASU (Emissions Control)

-Anti Lag

-Ion Sensing ? (Where is the progress on this? Is the Audi Ignition system good for ion sensing?)

-Switchable maps (for different Fuels-Conditions- Some say it is posible some say it is not posible on VEMS)

-Boost Control

-Still Use the Stock Ignition System

-Use of Stock 2 Knock sensors

-EGT closed Loop (soem people think that is not so good because it can raise the EGT too much)

-Intake Temperature Sensor

-Plug and Play Harness (Who made the Harness for the other Audi I5 engines?)

-Water Injection

-Staged Injection (10 Injector in summary)