Ckeck these files out. Here you can see that Pin 1 is for Cyl 1.




In this Link you can see the ABY motronic BAD Pinout (in reality, AAN pin1 is ignout_cyl1 and pin23 is ignout_cyl3 Marcell wrote them email but no answer, no correction so far) details witch is the same as the ADU.

I have seen that some of you already have the VEMS running on the Audi I5, so it is possible to Trigger the Timing with InputTrigger/AudiTrigger (the Hall sensor on the Camshaft pulley and the Engine Position Sensor on the Flywheel and the 135-tooth crankwheel).

Hi Vasilis,

We have run VEMS on several different (3B/AAN/ADU) I5 Audi engines in here. We've always used PlugNPlay? adapter to connect VEMS to original motronic wiring/sensors and it's possible to switch back to original system in a few minutes.

Some notes according to my current knowledge:



I placed some questions-asnwers above. Can you please help me then make a new part list i need to buy. Maybe a frind with an RS2 is Greece is also going for this.