After looking at the Megatune, i think it would be nice if we can also have the following Failsafe option:

What do you think about it? Is it simple through the Megatune?



It would be nice if VEMS will support something like this:

-Boost Control (and fail safe-i.e. if the Motronic sees that it cannot control Boost the it switches the Boost valve and i only run with the safe Wastegated 0.5 Bar)

-EGT Ignition Retard and/or Boost Control so if the EGT is too high the System will take Care of it.

-Intake Temperature Sensor ckeck so it could also retard timing if the IAT will be too High.

I know that the Safe-Safe option i would like are too many but i think these option are the ones that Holding many people away in installing Stand Alone Systems. The Car will also be Used from others that are not allways with their eyes on the Gauges.

Reference sensor data

proposal: when the car runs well with all the sensors etc, let the system Log the sensor inputs (for say 10 minutes, with all kind of driving-Full-part throttle and stop-go) and save these sensor data as reference.

If ECU reads different than this reference, it could log the sensors as defective so if something fails, we could have some diagnosis.