Hi, my name is Bernard and I have an obsession with older BMW's. Specifically, I eventually intend to build an BMW 2002 racecar with an BMW s14 motor (from the 1987-1991 e30 M3) running sequential injection and COP ignition.

I have quite a bit of experience with EFI installations, tuning, and dynoing high performance engines, but do lack as much programming knowledge as I'd like.

My preliminary questions are regards to hardware installation on the engines themselves.

If I want to use sequential injection and COP/CNP what are the current trigger wheel setups? I know that EDIS uses the 36-1 wheel but what has been tried for a 4 cyl engine?

is the way to go.

Some EFI Technologies units I have used in the past use a 2 (not 4, right?) tooth crankwheel and a 1 tooth cam wheel.

  • Well I know that the EFI Technologies Box in the US uses either 4 (for 4-8 cyl) or 6 tooth (for 6-12 cyl) crank wheel. I beleive that the Euro EFI boxes are different.
  • I meant to ask about the dwell ignition map, I understand enough about tuning to know that small differnences change the ignition map.

Is this possible in the Genboard? yes

Are there plans for running the Genboard in Alpha-N mode? I have a feeling that with large cams in individual throttle per cylinder intakes it may be difficult to get a clean MAP signal or at least one with enough variance to be useful. I was hoping to run in Alpha-N mode with some secondary MAP adjustments for timing and such.