The car has a 6 cylinder engine with the following sensors and actuators:

A list of the ECU and VEMS pinouts is in table below:

 VW ECU pinVEMS pin
Crank sensor signal68EC36-27
Crank sensor ground67EC36-26
Camshaft sync signal44EC36-13
Coolant sensor14EC36-14
Air temp sensor36EC36-2
TPS reference voltage40EC36-1
TPS signal41EC36-28
Idle control valve53EC36-?
Switched 12V supply38(jumper to 27 for ISV and 23)EC36-25
Coil A8EC36-35
Coil B60EC36-33
Coil C52EC36-34
Sensor grounds33,42EC36-26
Main grounds1,7,55,56,58EC36-5,21,32
Knock sensor 134EC36-3
Knock sensor 237EC36-3
Injector 124EC36-7
Injector 23EC36-19
Injector 326EC36-8
Injector 44EC36-20
Injector 525EC36-9
Injector 62EC36-18
Injector common??EC36-23
ECU power relay9jumper to switched power
Fuel pump relay6EC36-9
Charcoal canister9EC36-? (boost)

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