I am working on different cars for various purposes mostly using Vems.

2016.June. BMW X5 PWM controlled cooling fan power up.

The Project is a BMW E46 M50 Turbo.

Everything is regular, except for the fan control.

Vems is able to control with PWM signals, but the purpose of them is predefined. Unfortunately that is the situation with PWM fan control.

I found a way to handle the e70 X5's fan depending on the temperature.

WARNING! This fan is driven by a brushless motor including the high current regulator! Vems outputs are not able to drive a fan motor directly!

BMW's fan motor is a 3 wire version, only a low current PWMing is used to set te fan speed.

The base cooling radiator is the e46 original quick hose connector type which includes a temperature sensor at the cooler outlet. This sensor was used to control our fan.

Vems setup:

An analog input channel (ANch2) was parametrized to this sensor.

S259 push pull output was set as boost control solenoid.

To be continoued...