Audi URS4 AAN engine with both supercharger and turbo.

Progress to date:

New installation of VEMS 3.6 on 1.1.95 serialnumber = ????

I have worked with 55pin VEMS before on this car (borrowed from a mate) and it ran well.

The econoseal VEMS (mainboard is same) will run just as well when set up properly. A good idea is to request in the order comment "auditrigger setup with camHALL-inverter" (even if ordering mainboard instead of assembled ) to make the field-job easier.

So tuning etc relatively comfortable with - but the unit came setup already for AAN, this time I had to use GEN 3.6.


Changed software to 1.1.81 to match a friend's car so I can try to use that config.

I noticed that the RPM does not read with ecu serialnr=.... - so probably why I don't get spark.

Checked wiring and all seems fine.

v3.6_sec_trigger_1_m.jpg Try to get all 3 published.