I am building a custom drag bike with a TP 107in^3 (1.75 L for you metric folks) v-twin. Want to use VEMS with 2 injector/44mm bore throttle body.

Also want ignition control.

Trigger details?

Using an open primary belt drive on crank, so have nice area to locate a sensor and sensor wheel behind, approximately 5" diameter. With design open, is there an ideal for tooth count, sensor type, etc...? Probably would like to use coil per plug if physically/aesthetically cannot fit coil on plug (COP).

Have considered EDIS, but with 2 cylinder, do not know if feasible. Also, since GenBoard has capabilty to drive coil, just may be simpler and less hardware (not much room to place components).


[PhatBob?] The great thing about EDIS is that its so simple to get running standalone, I was able to pour some gas in to the throttle body and get a spluttering engine running. Its worth getting an edis to test your timing wheel setup if you are going to use 36-1 teeth timing gear. I used a coil pack and sensor from a subaru and once I worked out the bugs in the timing I was able to fit VEMs very easily - it took longer to get the wiring loom sorted!

Last experience with engine management was Haltech on Ninja engine in Formula SAE competition. Need some help with software and electronics, in return can help with the GenBoard/VerThree/CustomCNCCase