New project for customer was started and we would like to order Vems, but we are not sure about some outputs.

Engine is BMW e46 inline 6 cylinder DOHC m54b30, 330i, Naturally aspirated with Dual Vanos head //Tomas

Inputs which we need:

- Trigger1 = Hall 1x

- Trigger2 = Hall 1x

- Trigger3 = Hall 1x (for second cam because of Dual Vanos)

- MAT 1x

- CLT 1x

- TPS 1x

- WBO2 1x

- Knock 2x

- MAP = in ECU 115kPa 1x

Outputs which we need:

- 8x IGBT (only 6 in use for ign.)

- 6x High-Z outputs for injectors (injector's impedance is 14-16 ohm)

- Idle stepper motor (3 wires), Bosch 3 wire PWM (Which output is best, INJ???) //Tomas

- fuel pump output

- tachometer output (RPM)

- and THE BIGGEST PROBLEM Dual Vanos solenoids outputs

On engine there are 2 solenoids (1 for each cam) when solenoid is without current, spring hold it and one way for oil to vanos is open. If solenoids are with current, another way for oil is opened and Vanos valve move to another position. Solenoids are command with PWM.

Function scheme of system is shown at this link:

We need to know which ECU output can drive the Vanos solenoids. Somewhere in wiki i read that we need lowZ injector outputs and also remove the flyback diode from solenoids, but we are not sure. If yes, how we can combine the lowZ outputs and HighZ injectors?

  • I am running a m54b25 using the same solenoids and control type, both working axis without problems, configured as follows:
  • NFET controlled, INJ FET or IGBT will work, with flyback diode 1n4007 over valve (from rescuekit)
  • Control type: NON-PID
  • Output type: Single PWM
  • Near pwm range: 8 deg
  • PWM period: 375 Hz

On our Vanos solenoid valves is written this: Mannesmann Rexroth 075 086,11.36.1?32.532 maybe 11.36.1432.532, they looks like this one: 246493_x600.jpg

Can you please tell me which type it is? It is PWM controlled and can be driven with IGN outputs or is it type with flyback diode with PID and must be driven with ETC bridgeoutput??? //Tomas

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  • M54 solenoid, can be driven by INJ or IGN output, requires application of external flyback diode over valve (diode stripe towards +12v); Is PWM NFET controlled (no ETC bridge or PFET required) - VEMS Dave

Thanks very much Dave!

What about Idle actuator? If it is 3-wire, it is PWM solenoid and can be driven with 2 free INJ outputs? //Tomas.

  • BMW 3 wire IAC yes can be driver from 2 INJ or IGN outputs make sure to apply local 2 flyback diodes (same type as for cam control solenoids, diodes stripe towards +12v) - VEMS Dave

Wiring diagram


4 * PFET outputs for Vanos

> For what it is used 5pin connector from ECU (with analog inputs)???

Please check the paper you received.


[ETC help]

The ETC requires some extra analog signals (TPS2, PPS2, PPS2), normally on SSC connector (check your paper).

If that is not obvious from the paper AND [ETC help]

please consult an experienced installer to help with the ETC install. This is the easiest part of ETC install, tuning it requires more skill. And ETC safety is to be taken seriously.