1991 Audi 100 (2.3L/5cyl 2 valve NF engine.) originally with KE Jetronic (weird, many older engines had proper fuel injections; this might be the last KE-Jetronic engine built)

If tuned in August, might need some tune adjustment in the winter.



compressor is in, but was not operated for some time. Needs gas, most likely (or was it washed and changed to R134A ? dunno)

Carbon canister



Factory harness schematics:

Most appropriate is apparently [Audi100 90.pdf p4]



injector Bosch 280 150 716 (donation from some BMW)

We do not know exact fuel pressure, the regulator is from some 6cyl Opel, we assume 3.5 bar (squareroot rule => sqrt(3.5/3)=1.08 so 8% fuel difference from 3 bar)

cc/min ?

recommended cranking pw at 20C = 10 msec ?

  • Or req_fuel for VE=100 or VE=200 ?

[this page] suggests 134 cc/min 96.43 gram/min

We chose req_fuel=10msec and fill VE to around 160..180 initially

VE <0.9 (prolly 0.7) even at max torque, since this is a 2 valve head.

460 cc / cyl, 34mg fuel, 500 mg air 552 mg if VE=1.0

5 injectors enough for 139 Hp ? 100 kW ?

Injector pinout:

Currently no idle valve connected.

35 pin Pinout