I'm Attila Szücs livin' in hungary. I own a Suzuki Swift GTi, modified and turbocharged for amateur drag race, although it's still a street legal car.

If you want to see pictures about the modification go to [this page]. The text on the [webpage] only hungarian ( sorry, don't have time...), but the pics say enough.

Now I decided to dump the stock ECU and change to Genboard.

There was a few problems to solve:


The "ultimate goal" is to throw out the distributor and change to wasted spark ignition. Will machining missing tooth trigger plate for the crank, and dump the cam sensor along with the distributor.

For saving time, I decided to use the existing trigger. It's a VR sensor with 12 non equidistant teeth on the cam. This pic shows the tooth placing.


The point is, every TDC has 3 teeth, a 91, 61 and 6 deg BTDC signal (gaps are 30, 55 and 95 crankdegrees).

See InputTrigger/ShortGapTrigger (for firmware settings for this trigger), same family as InputTrigger/SubaruTrigger and MembersPage/FiatStilo

So I keep the 91 deg teeth, theese will be the crank trigger signal, and one 61 deg tooth will be the cam sync (secondary trigger). All the other teeth had been cut off, remaining only five. So, 4 teeth will be equidistant, and one other will be the cam sync. Since the firmware didn't support this insane :) setup (added tooth trigger) back than, I made a little hardware for splitting the signal to the primary and secondary trigger input.

I reused the LM1815, it's output signal goes to my additional hw, and the splitted signals go to the primary and secondary inputs. This way the primary input sees 4 pulse, the secondary input sees only 1 pulse during every cam revolution. Both configured to "coil-type" inputs.

Attached the little PCB to the EC36 connector with some hot melt glue:


Not too fancy, but it'll do the trick.

And it works! (I'm surprised too :))) )

Will continue tomorrow :)

Question zone

Unlike the BoostControl, the IAC valve PWM has no frequency (period)-value in config.

It's not particularly hard, if your IAC PWM likes low freq, you can look at how it is done for boost.

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Hello POS!

Meg tudnád mutatni a difitörö VEMS beállitásodat?

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Ok,elöre is köszi,es gratulalok az eredmenyekhez!Udv:Peter

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