MembersPage/DaewooMatizTurbo small 0.8L 3 cyl turbo

Honda (incl Acura)






MembersPage/JanneMantyla - Honda D16Z6 SOHC-VTEC, ITBs with AlphaN, VTEC drive.

[Unknown Engine]

MembersPage/DaveBlundell - 91 CRX LS/Turbo, 95 Civic Ex Coupe, 87 CRX Si ZC soon to be turbocharged. Active in Honda DIY EFI, want to get involved here.

MembersPage/AnderasAndersÚn - Honda Prelude 92- turbo.



MembersPage/BandiGTS - 2003 RX8 Renesis "small engine", injection development

MembersPage/PelleWallberg - 1973 Mazda RX3 13bt Turbo

MembersPage/AmandaWynne - 82 RX7 13B Mild Port, currently carburreted, going dual TBI

MembersPage/RxEightRubenThirtySix - RX8 rotary, with 36-2-2-2 trigger

[Unknown Engine]


MembersPage/BrendanBlessing Turbo 3Rotor RX7

MembersPage/LuciuS??????? - Rx7 fan and owner

MembersPage/SirKan - Plans to use genboard v3.2 on my 1987 MAZDA RX-7 Turbo II

MembersPage/PoweredRX7 rotary

MembersPage/AlexanderGuy - Working on MegaTunix, and planning a Genboard install in an 87 Turbo RX-7.

MembersPage/Poweredmy RX7 Rotary (Wankel engine) mazda



MembersPage/Fero - AVR powered Mazda 323F.

MembersPage/Kottan - PnP?? install on Mazda 323 GT-R


[Unknown Engine]


MembersPage/EsaMankki - Planning on using Genboard V.3 as a replacement ECU for early nineties Mitsubishis.

MembersPage/HankyKarlsson - Planning on install Vems V3.3 on my evo, and help friens with installations

Nissan (incl Infiniti & Datsun)


MembersPage/MaxLarsson - Nissan 200sx with ca18det

MembersPage/JannoKusman - Doing research to install GenBoard v3.3 to Nissan 200sx CA18DET using InputTrigger/NissanTrigger



MembersPage/NiclasAB - Nissan 200sx with a Ka24de(t)


MembersPage/FredrikBruland - Datsun260z with RB25DET multitooth trigger system, Vems 3,3

MembersPage/BalazsRbSx - Vems for Nissan 200sx with RB25DET engine


MembersPage/JeffreyRichard - A complete guide to implementing the MS-AVR on a Datsun L28ET engine.


MembersPage/Larsa - Nissan 200sx SR20DET

[Unknowen Engine]

MembersPage/FredrikJagenheim - Hoping to put it in a Nissan 180SX.

MembersPage/PeterKonyha-Planning a v 3.3 on a Nissan Cherry turbo

MembersPage/FXLegends - 2005 Nissan Sentra project

MembersPage/MattBushell - Nissan 200sx S13 - WB02 Install + Stuff

MembersPage/JensDahl - Working on Nissan 280 turbo



MembersPage/DavidCarr - Subaru EJ22


MembersPage/EJtwofiveX - Subaru EJ25x projects

[Unknowen Engine]

MembersPage/MihkelOsa - Subaru Impreza GT MY99


MembersPage/PoweredSubaru.impreza ez30 swap to old legacy


[Unknown Engine]

MembersPage/Gabor - Installing a Genboard 3.0 on a Suzuki Swift

MembersPage/AttilaSzucs - Trying to get v3.2 up and runing on a Suzuki GTi 1.3 Turbo




MembersPage/Subaru Libero 3cyl

MembersPage/SuzukiTurbosGyula - distributer engine, with factory connector

Toyota (incl LEXUS)


MembersPage/GrantHendricks - AE86 with 4AG 20V on VEMS

MembersPage/Irishtwincam - Support the install of VEMS on Irish Toyota Corollas, mainly 4AGE engined drift & rally cars.

MembersPage/Michael Atkinson - Toyota Corolla AE86

MembersPage/Skassa -Installing vems on a Toyota age86 20 black head

MembersPage/Uzelac - pretty standard N/A 4AGE 16V


MembersPage/DanielHenriksson - Using Genboard 3.2 on Toyota 3SGTE engine, 1988 GT-Four/Alltrac


MembersPage/JensKierkemann - 3.3 on Toyota 7M-GTE

MembersPage/Gachax - 3.6 on Toyota Supra MK3 7M-GTE


MembersPage/JamesDW - 1JZ Engine conversion.


MembersPage/Taz - 3.6 on Toyota Supra mk4 2jzgte

MembersPage/Supra - 2jz-gte

MembersPage/ToyotaWithDbw - Toyota 2jz with electronic throttle "Drive By Wire"


MembersPage/NathanielAllen - Toyota MKIII Supra 1uz-fe vvti

[Unknown Engine]

MembersPage/MalcolmBagley - Toyota Land Cruiser 1975 2F 4.2L Petrol

MembersPage/AdamFoch - Going to be setting up an MSAVR on a Toyota Celica All Trac Turbo

MembersPage/JayMcKearn - Building GenBoard/VerThree controlled lexus v8 powered custom car.

MembersPage/CocorToyota - Celica , turbo ,water inj, nos , v3.3

MembersPage/ToyotaPriusLpg - Prius on LPG

MembersPage/ThomasSchragl - Celica GT-Four

MembersPage/LexusVvti - Lexus 300 2JZ ge VVTi

MembersPage/Subaru Libero 3cyl engine