Pulled the engine from my 1992 Land Rover 110 Stationwagon to get to the chassis to make some modifications to fit a SS stainless exhaust system. Decided to take a look at the cam while the engine was out, then took the heads off, then decided it was time for a bit of a re-build, which became a full stripdown and re-build...

The engine is actually an ex Range Rover 3.9i, also from around 1992. When I got the Land Rover it was running on LPG with most of the hotwire system disconnected and closed-loop LPG ECU doing the fuelling. The problem was that the LPG installation was shoddy to the point of dangerous, so it came out and the hotwire was re-instated. Some day I will probably re-install LPG, but it will be done properly and probably with a sequential system, maybe even under VEMS control.

I've been wanting to do something to remedy the V8s dislike for water, which isn't ideal in a Land Rover. Originally I intended to replace the Lucus electronic ignition with a Mallory Unilite/Hyfire combo I bought for another V8 a few years back. It turns out that getting the Hyfire to work with the 14CUX ECM is difficult and cludgy, so I looked to alternatives for ignition, preferably ones that don't need a dizzy. This led to VEMS, which I intend to run wasted spark in the first instance, although COP would be ideal - no HT leads should really help the damp engine problem.

Seeing as I'm looking at VEMS for ignition, it makes sense to rope it in to do fueling as well, even though I don't think there's a huge lot wrong with the 14CUX (at least for my uses).