Toyota Cresta JZX100, it is Japan 4door car.
All stock at the moment, except ECU.
Always use and develop recent firmwares at that car.
1JZ-GTE VVTi turbo engine, CR 9:1, OE with MAF meter, but now works with MAP sensor.
6cylinder 2500cc 280hp/6200 and 378Nm/2400, redline 7400
Toyota CT15B turbo, stock boost 0.7bar
single VVTi at intake cam, with feedback
36-2 crank VR, 3 even spaced teeth cam VR
360cc/min injectors
AT with 4solenoids
2 - gear selection, on-off
1 - TC lockup, on-off
1 - pressure, PWM, 0%-max pressure, 100%-min pressure
Stock oil temperature sensor in sump.
There are three speed inputs to ECU, two VR sensors at AT, and one 0-5V from speedometer, i use one, last.
Electronically controlled bypass valve is simple via misc out.
Some FW hacks used for carbon canister, AC and climate.