MatCorr?(MAT,TPS) table.

I think it is better than airden corr or simple MAT table (w/out tps) and good in tuning.

Aslo i have made more precise scale for MAT corr: Corr = {((Value + 280)/4)-100}. So (0)=-30%, (255)=33.75% and step 0.25%


Q: Does firmwares still contain universal gas law based correction? Does this table is as additional correction? Or is it the only MAT correction factor for fuel calculations? MembersPage/GintsK

A: Only table correction applied, MAT correction from hex file dropped, fill table manually with airden curve, and see MT aircorr gauge and MT log, it show final (interpolated) correction.

Q: This must be clearly written in firmware changes. I just load 1.1.41 for bench test. Base value for table is 100 in this firmware. Why fake air density still affects? What method you recommend for reasonably tuning? MembersPage/GintsK

A: Yes, 100%based used, because MT has some problems with negative values. Check config.airden_ignore = 0, it is still in firmware, and make same correction as earlier at idle, but MT config not fixed for new resolution (i forgot because never use it), simple make it zero to disable.

Q: Is there any way you can explain what is going on here? I don't understand the relation of TPS to MAT correction here? Also max is: 131.75 and min is 68%?? Please help me (and others) understand how to use this table. MembersPage/Sascha

A: See picture above (uploaded new), i use this default table with minimum changes. Table means zero (or small corrections) at idle, and curve close to airdensity at full load. 100% means no correction, 102% means +2%, etc.