*Important note

Always try to move injector groups by ring rule, otherwise impossible to get stable idle and throttle response with incorrect injection phase.

Simple function calcs pw difference beetwen engine cycles, scale it with one coefficient, and add (or subtruct) to PW.

It is primitive, but works good as help accel and deccel for my street engine. Return to idle more smoothness, i have my car driven good even with zeroed accel enrichment.

There is PW oscillation at some conditions (engine start, hi loads, etc) with big settings, oscillation is more times bigger with incorrect injection phase, so if you have race engine with big MAP noise disable this feature, or at least disable enlean.

Enrich=(Pw-PwLast?)*FilmFactor?, applied if Pw>PwLast?, positive.

Enlean=(Pw-PwLast?)*FilmFactor?*EnleanScale?, applied if Pw<PwLast?, negative.

My settings: FilmFactor?=75%, EnleanScale?=100%.

Now it calcs separately for each cylinder.

Now it is scaled from req_fuel for easy use default settings.

AccCalc?: Acc=((amount(rpm)*scale(dotrate)*coldmult)+coldadd)*req_fuel.

Decay: Acc=AccLast?*Decay/256, so 128-fastest, 255-slowest, decay applied for engine cycles (but not time), therefore it is more fast at high rpm.

My settings, not perfect, but could be used as starting point: