New cranking VE based fuel implementation (from 1.1.51)

You can start from my settings as default, i have good start for -25C

If you want scale all fuel simple change Crank VE, and if you use Speed Density match (100kpa,low rpm) area with same VE too, see my VE table.

I use twice downscaled req.fuel, so my VE=122 same as VE=61 if used default req.fuel calculations.

Use Alternate fire at cranking by default. But if too cold and small injectors, you probably need big PW>127ms, it is not supported, therefore use "Fire all banks at cranking", and set divider equal cyl_num for sequental, and cyl_num/2 for semisequental.

Cranking fuel:

Additional fuel (if enabled) applied only if rpm<crank_treshold.

That is for S-D, for AlphaN same but w/o "*MAP"

Don't forget WarmUp? is scaled from MAP, and we have full scale (85% in my settings) if S-D used.

Afterstart enrichment:

My settings: