Peugeot 106 S16 (1,6 16V) Rotrex c30 84 conversion.

VemsTune 1.3.1 / 1.4.9

Vems V3.3 PnP? for Peugeot 106 GTI (dp-engineering) Serial Number 1869

Vems Firmware 1.1.97 / updated last year from 1.1.64

VemsTune runs in VMware Fusion /Parallels on MacbookPro?

Planned: VEMS Upgrade EGT, removable SD-Card, Knock-Sensor


My Firmware AND Bootloader Problems are solved. I build a bsd cable and rent an old laptop with parallel port. Then I've tried to flash with avrdude and got the failure message "Device signature = 0xffffff" ... "Invalid device signature".

But with the parameter -F it was possible to overwrite the check and the upload and validate worked well! The vems now knows the serialnumber (yeah!) again and I was able upload the firmware i used at last by serial connection. AND most important: All settings and so on stay there after powering off!

Thanks to Marcell for Support!



At the moment I have a serious problem with my Vems. The car ran fine but recently after a short trip (note: NOT after an attempted firmware upgrade) I could not start it anymore. After connecting the Vems to the laptop i got the following error message: "Boot mode detected." (Choose Stay for firmware upload ....) *1)

In 'stay'-Mode I uploaded the firmware 1.1.97 (and lateron other version) again. The upload process seems to be normal. (He's copying 4xx Pages) but the following validation fails. *2)

The Vems do not show the real SerialNumber which is n001869 *3)

I found some other hints from Jorgen in the Vems Support Forum which I've tried using megatune / megaloader

Again I got validation problems

error at page: 0

too many errors, bailing out *4)

Directly after the failed validation the connection to the Vems is normal. It's possible to upload configs and even the engine starts (in some kind of security mode).

These guys seem to have had a similar problem (but they experienced it after attempted fw upgrade)

Both changed the atmega128 to solve the problem.

Is it possible to change the atmega128 in Vems PnP? from dp? Do I need to upload a special bootloader by using spi afterward and is there other stuff I need to do after the change? (never used spi before)

Any other Idea?

Thanks in advance!