My car is a 1982 RX7, 13B NA mild port, carburreted.

I'm an electronics engineer, and tinkerer by trade. So I'm going to EFI my little baby.

Why? Because I can.

Main design criteria for this project is that it must be inexpensive. Sure, I could drive it into any number of auto go-faster places, hand over a big fat cheque, and pick it up later all done. But where's the fun in that?

Anyway; rough plan is this. 2 TBI units off an australian EA Falcon (yes I'm down under). Picked up one so far to look at, cost $50.00.

Going to throw together a version 2.2 board, only want injection at this stage. I'll figure out the ignition stuff later, after I get this first bit going. Got a TechEdge? WBO2 controller, and the volkswagen Golf GTI sensor. Got an LED panel meter to connect to the TechEdge? controller to display AFR. Got to build an adaptor to fit 2 TBI units in place of the carburretor.

So, for more info, and pictures