About me


A tall lanky 6'6" Yorkshire Man thats likes tinkering with v8s

My Car


An MNR ( type 7 clone ) fitted with a Rover 4.2 V8

Current Fueling


Range rover Hotwire EFI

Why Vems


Got it offered cheep second Hand

Current Work


Off car tested sorted got to get me thumb out and get it fired onto the car.

Struggling With


Calibrating the WBO2 wide band labda

next Jobs on list


Get it to controll fuel

Next big Job running the wasted spark

Big Thanks


Phat bob you are a star and you pages have helped me to get it up and running

if anyone needs to contact me my email adress is

eiainb Hotmail

oh its a DotCom? addres sorry for the secrecy but it gets enough crud allready