I would like to know which Vems outputs are best for active ignition coil BAE Q103 = Bosch 0 221 604 001 or 008 used on 2.0, 2.3, 2.4 turbo engines (picture below.

Does anybody experience with this coils on 5cyl.?




Q: Can i use logic level ignition outputs or better are stepper outputs?

A:For your Bosch 0 221 604 001 Active Coils, Vems Logic level ignition outputs should work without problems.

Q: Can you tell me please from picture below, what does it mean "CF" an "IN" on last 2 pins of coil?

A: I have found the following OEM schematics for the coils in their stock use (this seems to suggest pin2 is not connected):

And coil pinout: