Replaced stock Bosch Motronic M2.10.3 with VEMS 3.6 to use racing camshafts. Stock wiring is used for installation, so I had to use Motronic 55 pin connector and VEMS GenBoard. Also some very small adjustments to stock wiring were applied for MAP sensor instead of MAF. Original primary sensor (VR, 60-2) is used for triggering; secondary sensor and phase variator are disabled (no reason to use them for racing engine).

Items used:

Additionally were bought:

Wiring diagram for GenBoard and Motronic connector:


There are two changes in original wiring here:

Several files important for installation (some documents are copied from other pages, just want to keep all related stuff in one place)

TACHOMETER NOTE: don't use +5/+12V output to drive tacho, you can control it using grounding (i.e. any ignition/injection output, e.g. EC36-PIN9). If u use suggested standard VEMS tacho output, you'll fry P259 chip.