Audi 80 Avant RS2 working on VEMS for the past 7 months.

working on version 1.1.27 with very stable idle and good setup.

i want to go to vemstune 1.1.62 BUT i have some issues

1) When i open vemstune with 1.1.62 version (default vemsconfig) i try to make changes on various areas and nothing gets saved.

do i have to have the laptop connected to the ECU to make any changes and save them? can i not just do the same as it does with megatune? make all the changes i want, save and then connect in the future to the ECU and send the new config there?

2) If i have 1.1.27 working perfectly on the car,can i use the same settings on 1.1.62 (like trigger,injectors, ignition etc.)? there is audi trigger on 1.1.62 and it is not there on 1.1.27.what will i choose?

3) do i have to recheck with the strobe light again for the timing?

I now have 57Deg after trigger. what settins should i use so that i can have that set correctly?



I have managed to figure out a few things about vemstune and have copied most of the settings on the 1.1.62 version

new problem:

Vemstune has boost settings for rpm vs map. However, instead of rpm it only allows you to put kPA!!!

so you cannot build an rpm vs boost table!


it seems that vemstune 2/10/09 does not have this problem. Only the latest version of it has the problem with the kpa/kpa boost curve.