Upload 1.1.27 crypted firmware:

I did not find the unambiguous mistake, but I am looking it for yet. The car works nice even on 600 idle speed turns now, and there is not a trigger error.

In my final despair, ( and onto Marcell proposal ) poured an older configuration the ecu, and the trigger got fixed mistake!

I copied it the dump under the other one.

greeting: ┴kos

The mistake because I write the successor: The engine is running on idle speed, and the tachometer the megatune jumps onto 0. I did next measurements: I measured GND 11-17mv changes. I checked the polarity of a trigger. If the engine is running on idle speed, the trigger compared to the GND 4 mv shows tenseness, and when the turn jumps onto 0, then 10-12mv . The resistance of the trigger 550 ohms, his tenseness compared to the GND 144mv

greeting: ┴kos

I made some technical modifications on the car. Turbo k26/I exchanged it for 28, 727ccm Siemens injector got involved into it, we prepared new harness, and 6 coil on plug got the car.

BMW 6cyl firmware upgrade from 1.0.46. to 1.1.18

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Please verify that the chosen channels are power-outputs. Measure (with ignition ON, but engine NOT running) that voltage between +12V and the ign outputs is 0 (a logiclevel output pulls down to 0V when inactive, so that would measure 12V !)

1.0.46 firmware works great with

1.1.18 firmware plan:

Engine does not start, shows wheel-error.

Trigger hints:

Analog input

You can upload the dump and logs via FileArea

NOS thoughts

BMW M20 B25 (6cyl, appr 2.5L) modified bore ( 81 mm ) now competing in 200m and 400m dragrace (earlier it was a rally car with restriction before a smaller turbo)

Would NOS be useful to kick in for a short time after launch ?

During launch, engine RPM drops so low that turbo doesn't work well for a short time.

When the turbo spools up and boosts, NOS could be switched off.

Would this be useful ?

Not sure why he does not use higher launch RPM (maybe he fears the clutch would explode?)

Be careful with nitrous oxide if the engine bogs down on launch, even a small nitrous shot will give a very large boost in torque at a low rpm. The cylinder pressures could get very high and detonation can easlily occur. -J÷rgen

Choose output for N2O - see GenBoard/Manual/DigitalOut/Table

The guy who installed did not document the wiring.

We reverse engineer from the mcd/mct dump.

This is a 6 cyl engine. The 0F in h[0] looks like it came from a 4 cyl engine. (Roland has a strong 1.8L 4 cyl BMW turbo)

h[0]=0F 00 00 00 20 80 10 00

N2O enable


It turned out

Almost a miracle that the car was running after the event. (only running at NA, and missing something - likely spark - at boost.ˇ%201.msq

Working mcd mct dump

Deleted (obviously bad) confusing dates ( 2008.05.06. and Sat Apr 14 14:23:51 CEST 2007 for same mcd_mct dump )

To avoid confusion, delete the bad and leave the good (or make note of which is which).

... post good mcd mct here (so it can be identified and diff-ed to bad one) ...

check these



Suspicious parts of the diff -b -B -U2 (if diffing the good files)

--- mcd_mct_bad.txt
+++ mcd_mct_good.txt




# tach gauge now showing too low RPM ?


# ignchmax=02 in both

-h[1]=28 14 00 28 14 00 00 00
+h[1]=28 14 00 FF FF FF FF FF
-h[2]=70 00 10 70 00 10 00 00
+h[2]=70 00 10 00 00 00 00 00

Cannot see obvious errors though. We should get back when it is clear which are the old and good dumps.

Be careful using n2o for launch,proper setup absolutely does not need n2o so if you feel that n2o is only help then there is something wrong with your setup.

Basically,nos is oxidizer so it should be used only for drag racing in last/last two/ gears for short time.

G-force logger like G-TechPro? can show you when and where you need n2o.

For launch you should do other kind of optimization instead of using bottle.there is a lot of options,it's up to you what you choose.

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