I am planning to change the engine management system on a GM car from 1981. I list the current engine specifications below.

Cylinder volume: 6 litre

Number of cylinders: 8

Cylinder configuration: V

Compression ratio: 8.5:1

Fuel: gas

Ignition: GM HEI

Fuel system: TPI

Number of injectors: 2

Current sensors on the engine:

Manifold Air Pressure sensor

Manifold Air Temperature sensor

Coolant Temperature sensor

Throtle Position sensor (potentiometer)

I will split this project into a basic step and one or more additional steps.

The basic step is to use this engine and replace the existing ecu with VEMS Genboard. Change fuel from gas to E85 (fuel with 85% ethanole). I will probably keep the HEI ignition. Replace the O2 sensor with a WBO2 sensor.

Additional steps are:

Replace TPI with one injector per cylinder

Increase compression ratio

Replace HEI ignition with COP (will need new rpm trig)

Install some kind of supercharger

Water injection

The goals of this project is to increase engine power, tourqe and if possible increase fuel economy.

I will be happy for any suggestions on which components I should buy. Other suggestions are also welcome. I will create a shoping list as soon as I know more of what I need.