turbocharged 1993 VW air cooled Mexican bug

Hi from Mexico

Hi im loocking for used vems round

v3.x Serialnr: ..... (or orderid ... )Order Number: 5839

Its Alive and running in my 1993 VW bug (vocho here in Mexico) 1585cc OEM engine with k03 turbo charged air water intercooler best ET in 1/4 mile 16.3 sec, with out turbo ran 20 seconds!!


Short history of the board

I have a few problems with my genboard.

When run VemsTune the software detect the board but pop up a window with legend device disconnected and the firmware upload menu is in grey color

Another thing the volt reg u20 gets very hot and the mosfet drivers gets warm

Make sure to follow instructions.

See grounds connection:


For assembled board, see relevant info (also useful for home-assembled box unless one intentionally deviates)