What's working?

Config and tables

Runtime variables

What needs to be tested

Test environment

A dummy perl script that understands

commands is enough to test MegaTunix communications (without any hardware). Should there be any communication problem, it shows if problem is in firmware's communication part or MegaTunix.

After playing a bit with MegaTunix and real GenBoard, it seems to me that talking to perl won't be needed that much. If we use the detailed debug of megatunix, it should be clear what's happening. However using a 2nd serial port would be nice. It sucks to exit MegaTunix all the time, just to check the results in a TerminalProgram. Another option is to ask the Manmctbye and Manmcdbye from within MegaTunix and print/save results.

I modified one of Mik's Perl scripts to talk to the Genboard and send the p1v, p2v, p3v, p4v, etc. commands and see the result. We can't get MegaTunix to work correct until this returns valid data. From what I have seen in my initial test, the low number pages are good, the 4..6 pages are bad. 7 I'm not sure about... I'm concerned most about 4..6 right now for tuning purposes. firmware/bin/ in CVS. -Jason -> Jason, i took a look at your script, modified it slightly, and tested operation against vems emulator; all pages checked out. - DB