Firmware update tool (BootLoader) that does not require PERL (and support libraries).

Problem: sync with firmware

With an USB-RS232 adapter, in mt-r027/upload-firmware.bat

says "no hello from AVR" and refuses to upgrade the firmware. There is strong suspicion that some USB-RS232 adapters tend to lose a character when baudrate is changed (eg. the default case when going from firmware 9600 baud to bootloader 19200 baud). With, some trick was needed to make it more robust to handle the case.

workaround for users who face this: try to use 9600 baud like:


Anyone had luck compiling megaloader for linux?

/utilities/megaloader/source$ make -f Linux_makefile.mak

Actually, it compiles and links fine, but:

./megaloader.bin -c /dev/ttyUSB0

Start terminal emulation - ESC to exit

and for keypress (even s or S) it exits.

Shoould it provide an ncurses interface ?

I haven't investigated it much. I guess in command-line mode it works well. (will try)

megaloader will download firmware into the AVR using

the same code sequences as the perl scripts. It uses

ncurses for a fairly complete VT100 terminal emulation.

The original thought was to use VT100 cursor positioning

commands in the maintenance screens and thereby make the

LCD optional.

See MembersPage/DavidHelland for documentation.

It does work, althought needed some source tweaks to compile depending on the GCC used. SVN has been updated.


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