Mats: M70 V12 powered midengine car. 12 separate standing throttle bodies from Suzuki GSXR 750 -98.

Cams not decided yet but probably Dr Shrick 265. Heads ported. Flywheel button type with Tilton 2 disc clutch. 360 rotating extraktor. Renault UN1 gearbox.M70 has firing order 1-7-5-11-3-9-6-12-2-8-4-10 and is firing 2 cyl simultaneously.

My engine has originally two cranksensors 60 degrees apart (in perfect sync: one is used). Triggerwheel is 60-2 on crankshaft

Triggerwheels VR,HALL

I have measured it and it is 530 Ohms in both directions on two pins, the third pin seem to be a shield.

V12 ignout 1 VEMS ECU is perfectly enough for this V12

2 cyl fire simultaneously. 6 ignouts for 12 ignition transformers (or 6*2 wasted spark) would be easy for passive coils, but active coils was requested:

the logiclevel i259 output can drive 2 coils/output with logiclevel inputs

Mats: I have VAG 06B 905 115R but can change if better.

Of course 4 stepper + 8 logiclevel (0 IGBT) would be an option (ign dualout is correct for this setup => each cyl fires only once / camrot => engine is like two I6 engines ) but there is a better option to drive 2 active COPs / output (even the nasty type COPs); with more power outputs left for extras or spare:

total 2*6=12 active COPs can be serviced without igndualout configuration.

Mats: I think you better decide what is the better option because I donŽt know so much about this yet.

WBO2 : Dual LSU4.9 (ordered one, adding 2nd for no extra charge; using flying loom connector for extra inputs anyway)

What do I win by using two LSU4.9?

Normally EC18 has more analog inputs (and only 1 WBO2).

In general it is a good idea to have a good match for the engine (eg dual WBO2 for a V12, 2 EGT inputs, and properly selected secondary trigger), even if just one is planned to be used initially.

Mats: IŽll go with two dual WBO2,s


The ITB-s and IAC will need to be tuned carefully.

Small "vacuum join from the ITB's" help even out vacuum at low loadsites, and have no downside (or any effect) at high power at all.

Mats: I have this fixed already.