Wiring connections of the MiniTurbo? project

EC36-pin3 is commonly used for the MAP signal.

For the assembled controller we usually ask customers about their MAP preference. For orderID=88, we didn't get a reply after 2nd email query (which caused some delay, but unit was already paid, so after timeout unit was sent out) the EC18-pin3 was not wired for offboard MAP. [this pic] shows that there is still no signal on the EC18-pin3 (if the image is uptodate): a small wire on the bottom of the board (heatglued to the board at 3 places) _would_ run from the MAP pin1: the pin (of the 6) closest to the v3.2 text.


Q I have measured 5v output on pin 2 and 14 on the econoseal 36, is this correct when I have connected them to Air input and Water input?

If it is very cold, the NTC has high resistance. Eg. at -15C my NTC (that is 2.2kOhm at room temp) measured appr. 11kOhm. But it seems very likely that your sensors are not properly connected. The other pin of the sensor must be on GND (examine this), and the voltage is unlikely to go higher than 4.4V. Remove the controller and measure resistance between CLT / MAT signal and GND.

I have also measured 3.5v output on pin 27 that is trig signal is this, can that be right? No. Your trigger is not properly connected for sure.


The sensor grounds (especially the VR-) must be connected to EC36-pin26. The EC36-pin5 and EC36-pin21 are power grounds. It is legal to connect power and sensor ground, see GenBoard/Manual/GroundConnections for details. But the drawing is quite misleading this way.

All the wiring is full connected.