I have some requests and suggestions for implementation in coming firmwares.

First I will list functionality that I think we really need, that has high priority, then i will list things that would be nice, but not as urgent.

My requests are based on my own experience of what the customers ask for and what I personally miss from the software.

I will add more info continuously when I think of more things that I feel we need.

Please feel free to add your own suggestions at the bottom of the page.

Request, ASAP.

  • 1st one that could handle PWM alternators, for ex Mazda Miata. Input would be volt and a simple P controller would do. Pref PD.
  • 2nd, heat control, input; any temp input or analog, output one dimensional curve. For fans, or PWMing coolant pumps. Alt. 2D Duty map with 2 configurable inputs, for ex CLT on X axis and IAT on Y. And DC
  • 3rd, more Secondary PWM tables for pressure, for fuelpump PWMing, would do with a open loop one dimensional curve, RPM/Boost for ex. Lite secondary PWM table.