The engine-tuning market and the embedded market is huge. How can one make his own profit (bigger!) ?

It is possible for anyone to make money from activities (that are usually also fun) related to VEMS-Group (eg. GenBoard/VerThree )

The following is required to realize sales:

As you see, it is impossible without good teamwork.

The most money is in installation help (especially onsite help). However it does not scale well. Also, it often means responsibility (depending on contract). This is the best option for those who have a workshop anyway, or plan to maintain one.

stocking, packaging, shipping means less profit, but it will become important when we boost sales.

The other activities mean less money per unit, however they scale very well. When we began, developers only got their free PCBs and units. Since v3.2 is shipping they get added money as well (see CompenSation/Distribution) - at the moment only significant for core developers. When total sales pass the million dollar line (expected within 2 years), this will be significant amount even for developers (or doc maintainers) that only contributed a few % to one part or the other.

We currently don't maintain contracts with parties. Anyone can jump in the installation market any time. However we'll need to maintain contracts in the future for a few reasons:

Understanding (not just reading) the above should get you started in making money with VEMS-Group.

Anyway: have fun!