I have a Fiat Coupe 20vt, which is a 5 cylinder Motronic engine. It has COP, and sequential injectors. The wiring diagram can be found on . I am very keen on the idea of running VEMS, since i was almost gonna get a MS, but i didn't like the idea of not being able to run my COP and sequential system. Can the VEMS be made to adapt to my engine, and without to many issues? I am a auto mechanic, so i can do the repairs and manufacturing needed, but i have never mounted my own ECU system and i tend to get a bit confused when reading about all the data on this site!

  • If you know please add more info about trigger (crank and cam, VR or Hall, tooth wheel)

Hi Peter.

It's a 60-2 wheel on the crank with a "induktivgiver". And a hall sensor on the camshaft.

It also has a variable intake camshaft, but it's only a on-off actuator which activates at a certain RPM.

And i am from Denmark, and i dont know the english word for "induktivgiver", but its the same sensor as a wheel sensor on a old ABS system.

Regards Lars