White cossi

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fw: 1.1.27

standard setup except:

injectors: 50.0 lb/hr 525cc/min @ 3bar Hi-Z

ford coilpack (wasted spark)

Trigger setup


I have a problem with ignition. The timing light shows erratic advance and we can hear it too.

This must be investigated before tuning the engine. Do you have oscilloscope ?

Ground currents

When ignition is on (cold engine) and the fuel pump is running the egt gauge shows between 26-36Cdegree, otherwise shows the right temp around 23Cdegree. (do it without the wiring of fuelpump too). This is probably caused by ground currents, and not very significant. If you're worried, you can disconnect the injectors, connect 21 .. 60W 12V lightbulbs to some, and turn them on via mdh.0 commands to see how higher currents (due to loaded outputs) effect the reading.